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The current show of at-home bar displays and travel wine holders is currently on display for the entire month of August 2018 at the Artful Dodger in Downtown, Harrisonburg.

"Bar Display" is 100% Green.

All the pieces in this show are made from reclaimed wood coming to the artist from construction projects, abandoned wood and unwanted pallet wood.

In addition to Landon's pieces, another local photographer and history teacher, Cara Walton is showing off a beautiful selection of black & white beach themed images. Her images have been recognized internationally and show the amazing yet simple beauty of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Art Work For Sale:

Art work from both artists is for sale and available for the outlined ticket price.

The Artful Dodger is a commission free Gallery and to remain so, payment will only be accepted in one of these three forms:

-Check made out to the appropriate artist,



Designs by Landon Heavener
Located at The Artful Dodger
August 1st - August 30th

Landon will be at the Artful Dodger on Thursday August 2nd starting at 6:00pm to celebrate his show.

The Artful Dodger is kindly hosting this show all month so please swing by if you have the opportunity. They are abiding by abbreviated summer hours in the evenings, closing at 5pm Sun, Mon & Wed.

Their website is located here for more information.

Damage Disclaimer:

Landon's artwork is meant to be interactive with the public, however please take note of his damage disclaimer posted with each item.

*Any and all damage to display pieces will be treated as a full purchase. 
About the Artists...
Landon Heavener
Cara Walton

Landon Heavener started dabbling in woodworking three years ago to have one concrete activity amidst the abstract and occasionally hair pulling nature of teaching middle school. He enjoys creating artistic shelving because he thinks that art is usually not useful enough, and shelving is not usually artsy enough.

He lives in town with his girlfriend and the most handsomest dog you’ve ever seen.

This is his first show so he hopes you enjoy it.


He wants to thank Christine Schmidt for laying out and designing this art show better than he could so he wouldn’t have to worry about doing it himself.

*Pieces purchased from this show may be installed for an additional $50.00

Cara Walton is a purely accidental artist. She teaches high school students World History and likes to take pictures. Photography and art help her to stay sane in dealing with the day-to-day stress of her job and life in general.

She lives in Harrisonburg with her husband, daughter, two cats, and an obscene amount of Star Wars toys and other geeky items.

Cara has had photography displayed in various venues in Harrisonburg including Larkin Arts, Spitzer Art Center, Clementine, and The Artful Dodger. She was awarded an Advancing Art Grant from the Arts Council of the Valley in 2014 and recently had work accepted in juried competitions and the Shenendoah Valley Arts Center in Waynesboro, the 1650 gallery in Los Angeles, CA and ArtSpaces in Richmond, VA. Her work was included in a digital display at the Louvre in Paris as a part of the opening reception of the Exposure Awards 2015 and she recieved an Honorable Mention in the first annual Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA).

Visit her webpage at here.

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