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'Tis the Season to Give! This year we are thrilled to partner up with Way to Go, Inc - a portion of the proceeds from these sales will go to this local non-profit and their goal to ensure that transportation is not a barrier between an individual or family and their ability to be self sufficient or economically stable.

Cutting Boards for a Cause

way to go logo.png

From the total sales made, we will be donating at least 30% of the proceeds to this organization which, with a little math would cover...

🚗 137.5 gallons of gas at $2.00 a gallon

🚗3,437.5 miles at 25mpg, or going across Harrisonburg about 687 times!

🚗 175 "average" commutes at about 20 miles one way


🚗 save roughly 88 people and added 45-minute journey if they are able to avoid taking the bus

(Never thought I'd be doing high-school math to calculate donations as an adult but...never say never 🤓)

If you can, please consider giving back this Holiday 🙏🙏🙏

Below are images of the boards currently for sale but all transactions should be made through our Facebook Business Page. 

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